Always With You

At Green + Benz, Helen and her team are always with you.

Passionate about people + experts in the industry, when customers find Green + Benz they become friends for life.

From engagement + weddings, christening + anniversary’s, to repairs + remodels or ‘just because’ Green + Benz proudly support customers to find the perfect gift for every significant + celebratory occasion in their life

We are always with you

How Green + Benz can help you choose the right jewellery for you

We will reward you for being such a loyal customer
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Allow us to help you create your own bespoke item...
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Or re-design a piece left to you by a loved one, and help a local charity at the same time...
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You can come along to any of our events...
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Or pop into our stores at any time for the Green + Benz experience
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Take a look at our wonderful team's gift choices
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And then you can let us know all about it
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Join us at our stores for the Green + Benz experience. Enjoy a drink with our specialist team and allow us to find the perfect sparkle for you.

With our stunning personal viewing rooms, you can feel right at home while being treated like royalty to ensure everything is perfect for each customer.

People + Jewellery = Green + Benz

At Green + Benz we strive for excellence and to involve our customers in everything we do. Our stores are dressed with photos and cards depicting our customer's happy memories, and we offer a token of our gratitude in the form of money on your loyalty card, in return.

If you would like to send us photos of your special days, complete with a bit of Green + Benz magic, please email them to and we shall feature them on our website and in-store where possible.

If you would like to let us know all about your Green + Benz experience, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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